XII Mediterranean Cup – Category 59-64 Women

59 kg

There are eight athletes registered in this category.
The struggle for the conquest of the first three positions was restricted to Greece, France and Italy.
Respected prediction and Gold that goes to the strong Greek athlete Konstantina BENTELI who won the three medals of the most precious metal realizing 94 kg in Snatch and 116 kg in Clean & Jerk and 210 in Total.
Silver for the 24-year-old French athlete Dora TCHAKOUNTE with 206 kg in total (93 + 113).

Bronze for the Italian Grazia ALEMANNO (204 = 94 + 110).

Fourth position for NA Christine (188 = 82 + 106)

Fifth position for the very young Turkish athlete OZKAN Cansel (180 = 85 + 95).

6th STESL Nastasja (SLO) which raises 75 kg in Snatch and 94 kg in Clean & Jerk, totaling 169 kg.

Three invalid attemps in Clean & Jerk for the athletes JUMPER Sara E. (USA) and LESKINEN Saara Sylvia A. (FIN) that do not allow the American and the Finnish to enter the ranking of the Total.

64 kg

The first day of competition ends with the most numerous female category, in fact there are 9 participating athletes.
With an astonishing progression of 6 attemps valid the strong Romanian LEPSA Irina conquers three Gold medals: Snatch 103 kg, Clean & Jerk 127 kg and Total 230 kg. With this result of considerable technical value, the Romanian weightlifter also wins the trophy for the best performance in the women’s field with 302.5 points Sinclair.

Silver for the Italian Giorgia BORDIGNON that concludes her competition realizing a total of 221 kg data from the sum of 101 kg in Snatch and 120 kg in Clean&Jerk.

Third position for the largest of the two German KUSTERER Sabine (213 = 97 + 116) races followed by her compatriot SCHWEIZER Lisa Marie (204 = 94 + 110).

Fifth place for the young Turkish OZKAN Aysel (90 + 105 = 195 kg).

Sixth is the Hungarian Beata JUNG (89 + 105 = 194 kg)

Seventh classified Burcu ALICI with Snatch set at 82 kg and Clean & Jerk103 kg for a total of 185 kg.

Eighth and Ninth in the standings for the two Dutch Sanne BIJLEVELD and Iris GROENEVELD who raise 175 kg (75 + 95) and 169 kg (74 + 95) respectively



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