XII Mediterranean Cup – Cat. 61 kg Men

Only two athletes in the 61 kg category.

BRACHI Josue 08.09.1992 (ESP) and SCARANTINO Mirco 16.01.1995 (ITA).

In the Snatch exercise start at 122 kg for both, and only the Spaniard can validly lift the weight in the second attempt.
In the third test Mirco Scarantino tries to lift 125 kg and fails to lift.

In the Clean & Jerk exercise, the Italian renounces the three rises at his disposal, withdrawing from the competition.
Josue BRACHI raises, subsequently 140 and 145 kg and fails the third attemp with the barbell loaded at 150 kg.
Three gold medals for BRACHI which thus establishes the new M.W.C. with 122kg in the Snatch, 145 kg in the Clean & Jerk and 267 kg in the Total.

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